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Knowing that medication is very important to many people and realizing that very few people understand their medications and effects, Steve Clement opened Copper Bend Pharmacy in 1984, and has been proudly serving the Belleville area community since.


We offer personal and private counseling on every prescription and we can answer questions in terms you can understand. We also provide blood sugar and blood pressure readings, often free of charge to our customers. Seven day pill reminder service for elderly, or special case patients, and twenty-four hour emergency service, are just some other features we provide free of charge.


Copper Bend Pharmacy has been a success for 30 years because we have never forgotten the reason it was opened: to serve the people with a caring attitude. We want your experience to feel as safe and comfortable as being in your own home.


Steve Clement graduated from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 1974 with one goal as a pharmacist - to help people. Utilizing his knowledge and passion for his profession, he began his career. Through the years, Stephen has received numerous awards from the community and other organizations and has served as the leader of many pharmacist groups on the local, state, and national level.


For the past several years Steve has been giving back to the college that provided his education by teaching a new generation of pharmacists. Recently, Stephen was voted the number one pharmacist in the Belleville community by the readers of the Belleville News Democrat. This was only the second time this award was given and Stephen has received the award both times.


Steve has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the St. Louis College of Pharmacy Alumni Association, and the One-to-One Patient Counseling Recognition Award presented by APhA Pharmacy Today Magazine. This award was one of only five presented in the United States.


In order to uphold the high level of service his customers have come to expect Steve has surrounded himself with the best staff available. The pharmacy would not be as successful as it is without their support day in and day out. We have some of the best technicians available, just ask any of the customers who come in.


We invite you to try our pharmacy and see the difference that we can make. Most times we will have your prescription completed in less than 10 minutes so you can get on with your busy schedule. If you feel like you need to ask questions please do not hesitate, we will never turn any customer away who has a question, and we will do our best to ensure that you fully understand your medication.


If you would like to contact us we can be reached by phone at 618-234-7181, or come visit and give us a try. Remember, if your pharmacy does not feel like home then come see us.